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Need to make a booking with Lockie urgently?

Cannot find a suitable time in the regular booking schedule?

This booking page has been shown to you directly because you need services with Lockie, minus the regular wait time, or outside the regular working hours. 

In order for Lockie to accommodate your urgent booking, he needs to take some of his;
1. Personal time
2. Time working with horses
3. Time caring for the horses
4.  Time from another responsibility
And dedicate that time for you. 

Lockie is willing to do this in certain situations, but for this reason, these urgent services has a 50% surcharge connected with it, as it entitles you to jump the wait times, and get services now. 

These booking options below will show an expanded work schedule for you that is not available to regular clients. 

You are invited to take advantage of this offer and make a premium booking for urgent service that jumps the cue. 

In peak periods of the year, there have been 3-4 month waits on services! This option enables you to jump that cue and get a service within a day or two.

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