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Emotional Horsemanship CLINIC with Lockie
Boscawen, New Hampshire, May 2025

20, 21 May 2025


Ancora Imparo Equine Center

130 Corn Hill Road

Boscawen NH 03303

Accomodations for horses trucking in for the clinic are $50/clinic day, this will be an additional cost to your clinic ticket. This includes access to a small private corral-panel/wood paddock in the outdoor sand arena, a stall, hay, water, bedding, and mucking. For clinic horses participating in both days of the clinic, you are welcome to truck in as early as noon the day before the clinic, and depart as late at noon the day after the clinic, for no additional cost. All equine guests must submit the following form prior to arrival:


Accomodations for people are limited to one RV/LQ hookup available for $25/night (electric and water only, no sewer/grey water disposal or septic), and one spot that can hook up to a hose and 20 amp circuit for $20/night. These spots are first come/first serve, so please email me immediately to reserve! Guests are welcome to stay on site overnight in their trailers with no hookups for no additional charge, but due to unknown weather conditions, it is advised to make arrangements at one of the many Airbnb or Hotel options local to our farm. All guests to the farm (participants and auditors) MUST fill out a liability waiver (there is a minor waiver available in the menu, if applicable)

Anybody who owns, loans or can borrow a suitable horse. Horses must be a minimum age of 4 years. Horses younger than 4 years old are advised to book for private lesson. No stallions.  Stallions should book private lessons.  


All participant tickets are purchased for the entire two days. Basic and premium auditor tickets are sold one day at a time.

If you need a more cost effective way to try EH, the video library starts at 4.5 per month, and there are online courses and coaching available which are economical and convenient options to work with Lockie.

Horses must be physically healthy, with recent hoofcare, adequate body condition, fitted tack, up to date with worming and vaccinations. No saddle fitting, trimming or tack consultations will be given at the clinic. Your horse should be thoroughly prepared to be in a new place with new horses doing new things. 

Stacia Langille


Participant: 890 Euros per participant FOR BOTH DAYS
Basic Auditor: 95 Euros per person PER DAY
Premium Auditor: 180 Euros per person PER DAY
1.00 Euro = $1.08 USD

A structured program in Emotional Horsemanship, a horse training method using science, empathy and feel to create emotionally balanced horses. Specialising in creating connection, communication and clarity with recreational equestrians and their personal horses.  
A 'Tasting Menu' of the various techniques Emotional Horsemanship can offer, taught in a slow, safe and patient manner. 

  • I don't have a horse right now. Or the horse I visit the most, is not mine, but belongs to a lesson stable or a friend. Is Emotional Horsemanship still useful for me?"
    Absolutely! Emotional Horsemanship puts a 50/50 focus on your emotional intelligence, and the horses emotional expression. There is SO MUCH we can do even without a horse to better prepare us when we do meet any horse, or one day buy our own. The skills you will learn in Emotional Horsemanship you can take to any horse, anywhere, and forge a friendship with them straight away. They will help you be safer, because you will FEEL and KNOW and UNDERSTAND when the horse is getting upset, or when the horse has potential to do something hazardous. You can actually develop the skill to predict accidents. It is not easy, but definitely possible!
  • I struggle to know what I am feeling. I am stuck in my head all the time! I am not an emotional person. Can this work for me?
    Yes! You ARE an emotional person. But societal conditioning, your normal education, and your hyper developed human brain has over developed your rational, thinking system. Your emotional system is still there in your brain. It mixes in the same region as memory and movement processing. You can access it. Because you don't learn emotional awareness. You REMEMBER IT. You got this! You can do this! Reclaim your empathy
  • My horse is 'naughty'. He/she is not kind or sweet natured. How on earth can I be empathic and kind to my horse when they try to hurt and annoy me all the time?
    This is exactly why Emotional Horsemanship is so important. I made this FOR YOU Horses behave in ways which are - naughty - aggressive - careless - dangerous FOR A REASON! By peeling back you and your horses history and layers of learned behaviour there is a horse in there that just wants to feel safe, be understood, feel comfortable and enjoy their life. Just like you. In Emotional Horsemanship we take a very direct route to solving these behaviour problems without punishment, but by rehabilitating the way the horse relates to humans from the ground, up.
  • I come from a really traditional background. This sounds really great, but I am struggling to get to grips with all this. Maybe it is just not for me?"
    It would be a mistake to think that you cannot change. My favorite type of horse person is the one who makes a change, after years of belief or even success with a different way of doing things. You CAN change, you CAN adapt, and you CAN begin again. For no other reason than you decided it to be so. This time, you got the support you need to make it happen If you are unsure where to begin, book in for a free 30 minute discovery call and I will break this huge change you are going through into small, easy, bite sized chunks. You got this.
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This clinic is available to participate both days. Clinic participant tickets are not sold one day at a time for this event. Opportunities may arise later to participate in one day at a time.
All auditor tickets are sold one day at a time.

Payment Plans for Clinics

1. Your ticket will be split up into divisible payments without interest charges

2. Filling out this form will register your interest in a payment plan.  You will be contacted to confirm and double check your ticket, then a payment plan sent to you to authorise. 

3. Then your ticket is confirmed

4. If you are delinquent in payment then your ticket is cancelled until reimbursement is successful

Design Your Payment Plan; tick which boxes apply

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