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One of the most controversial questions in the horsemanship community,




This course liberates you to use food reward with unpredictability, as described by behaviourism science.  Filtered through an Emotional Horsemanship and self aware lens, this tool can be applied to any horse, anywhere and enable you to navigate the use of food rewards with ease, clarity and ethical care of your horse.

When to Reward, For What is an Emotional Horsemanship Mini-Course that presents to you an element of behaviourism that is not commonly understood or utilised in training horses via food reward. 

 The course is complete and ready for sign up for just 59 Euros! 


  • Waste NO time. 1 hour and 48 minutes of content for fast, efficient and effective study. 

  • Lifetime Access

  • 30 Day money back guarantee

  • Self study

  • Questionaire's and message platform

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