Sometimes, you need a new perspective on familiar problems, to BREAKTHROUGH!

Lachlan (Lockie) Phillips

Having a life with horses has been a choice based in a deep love and passion for this amazing animal and the art of horsemanship.

BORN:  Melbourne, Australia, 1990.




CURRENT CAREER:  Horse Trainer, Course Creator, Coach, Hoofcare Provider


PREVIOUS CAREER: Professional dancer, choreographer & dance teacher.  


How did Lockie go from


to This?


Horses are just like dancers

Creatures of MOVEMENT

A highly developed part of brain that concerns movement, memory and emotion

Non-verbal Communicators
Best trained with disciplined, progressive, patient and structured programs to enhance performance

Sometimes trained with abusive, painful and problematic practises

I just love horses.  I always have. Just like you, I cannot explain or rationalise it.  I have just always loved them.


I begun dance lessons aged 5 because I begged my parents to let me do it. Nobody forced me
My early teachers were amazing; loving, smart, disciplined. Nobody forced me

Later, in a professional career I experienced some incredible things!  The way the body can respond to movement, to expression!  How the nervous system and your biomechanics influence your performance.  How your teachers and trainers become the most important relationship in your life and have a huge impact not only on your performance results, but how the experience of your training shapes your satisfaction, motivation and enjoyment of what you do. 

All of these experiences have been absolutely transferrable into work with horses.

Sometimes in their training, horses might experience pain, confusion and coercion or be made to perform under duress.  Usually, the trainers do not mean any harm.  Usually those trainers lack access to better methods that give a performance result, without breaking the horses mind, body or spirit. 

I come to horses in an effort to fix this problem.  One horse, one human at a time, I am developing, teaching and presenting alternative methods based on...


I have formal qualifications as a horse trainer in Natural Horsemanship, though my methods have moved on since graduation.
I have formal qualifications as an instructor in Harmonious Seat Riding, though my methods for teaching have moved on since graduation. 
I have formal qualifications as a hoofcare provider, though the way I trim now has developed further since graduation.

I have prior professional experience as saddle fitter/specialist (focus on treeless saddles and flexible trees), riding instructor, freelance horse trainer, rehabilitation of rescue horses, stable hand/groom and trekking guide


How do I teach horse people?

It can be really difficult to find great teachers in the equestrian community.  Many master horse trainers struggle to communicate and describe the secrets to their success, or struggle with inter-personal social skills

Many lesson environments and training establishments can be rife with...


which can make it difficult to focus on the horse!

I hold space for you free from judgement.  This is something I work at actively, every day, to become more and more welcoming as a teacher and professional, especially to horse people different to me

I can guarantee that while working together I will...

Prioritise the horses experience
Listen and understand your needs
Give clear answers to all your questions
Support your journey

Celebrate your successes! 

The way I coach is based in empathy for your horse, your situation and a desire to help you feel great and do better.  

I had a coach who taught me how to coach!

Dr Paulette Mifsud

She was Australia's premiere Positive Sports Performance Psychologist.  She worked with athletes, artists and even Olympians in performance careers ranging from track and field, pro-dancers and musicians, students and even equestrians.  

Her methods focused on maximising your brains' potential to learn and perform using positive psychology as our tool of Self Awareness and personal development


She was training me in her methods and developing me as her business partner before she passed suddenly from a rare illness in 2016.

Before she died she had one request for me.

"Take up the flag for me"


So the flag I wave here is her legacy

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 19.03.29.png

The science behind this

For People:  Positive Sports Performance Psychology, Self Awareness Practises, Somatic Experiencing

For Horses:  Operant Conditioning, Affective Neuroscience, CAT-H, Attunement/Mirror Neurons, Polyvagal Theory, Constructivism Learning Theory, Social Learning Theory, Experiential Learning, 

Or just watch the video below!