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Which Service is Best For Me?

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Services Available Worldwide, to ANY deeply caring horse person

The Private Service Schedule for 2024 is at Maximum Capacity. 
Thanking all clients and person for their interest, enthusiasm and wonderful work with their horses.  Long may it continue. 

Please fill out this form, to be first in line for private service bookings, when they open again in July/August 2024
Which Sevices are You Interested in?
Have You Worked Privately with Lockie Before?
If You Have Worked With Lockie Before, What Sevices Did You Use?
Have You Studied the Emotional Horsemanship Foundation Course?
Have You Studied Homecoming; Intermediate EH Course?
Are You Subscribed to the Video Library?
On a Scale of 1-5 (1 being not comfortable, 5 being very comfortable) how comfortable an confident are you when you must SELF STUDY or practice & learn on your own?
Do You Find Technology & Online Learning Services, Generally Easy?
Thanks for submitting!
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