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You and Lockie meet on Zoom, from the comfort of your home, for personal horsemanship coaching that gives you

- Clarity from confusion
- Strategy out of chaos
- Technical tools out of problem solving
- Personal strength out of worry
And much, much more.
Using a Positive Personal Coaching method, Emotional Horsemanship Coaching Calls & Video Review's are an essential cornerstone to your horsemanship practice and allow you direct access to Lockie's Support and Emotional Horsemanship methodology.


All bookings are managed online, using the easy and convenient booking system. 
This booking system automatically calibrates Lockie's availability, with your time zone, and presents to you possible appointments to choose from. 
Payments is conducted securely through card or PayPal and you receive helpful 24 hour SMS and email reminders about your appointment, so you do not forget.  You also receive a pre-session email from Lockie preparing you for your appointment, so that you can make the most out of your session! 


For "Coaching Call & Video Review" bookings you can submit up to 10 minutes of pre-recorded training video of you with your horse, to review in the call. (All Instructions sent automatically by email after booking) 
This is a powerful and helpful way to gain improved understanding of your horse and their responses to you in training.  Lockie will "translate" your horse with you, giving you new insight into your horsemanship, and your horses experience of you.

If you are unsure whether Lockie and Emotional Horsemanship are a good fit for you, you can book a short "Discovery Call" so that you can explore compatibility and receive direct advice over what is the next best choice for you and your horsemanship. 


Lockie delivers over 1000 private consultations, lessons and coaching sessions annually and has done this online since 2019.  Lockie has extensive teaching and coaching experience in the equestrian industry since 2012. 
Lockie was mentored by Australia's premiere Positive Sports Performance Psychologist, Dr. Paulette Mifsud, and was her protégé until she passed away. 
These coaching methods are tried, and true, and form the basis of Emotional Horsemanship; fundamentally supporting horse owners in maximising their potential, their strengths, and enjoying their life through their horse. 
This is not therapy, this is coaching.  Lockie understands the professional boundaries which protect you and him within the service. 
The level of experience and expertise these coaching sessions can afford a client mean that you can make your booking in confidence, and relax, knowing you are in safe and experienced hands. 


Can't find a lesson time you prefer, or don't want to wait so long for your booking?

Click the button to see urgent booking and last minute reservation options!

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