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Homecoming 2.0

September 15 2024 - December 8 2024
16 Week Deep Dive in a loving, safe, supportive community

- EH Basic & Intermediate Groundwork techniques taught, refined and clarified... over and over and over again until you understand them

- Emotional Balance as the goal, regardless what your horse performs

- Weekly Zoom Meetings and Webinars

- Access to Private Services with Lockie and his NEW team of co-instructors

- Upgraded Content from Homecoming 1.0

- Deeper Dive into Mammalian Emotional System, Neuroscience, and Behaviourism

... and lots more!



Please fill out this form to be first in line, for the second version of Homecoming; EH Intermediate Groundwork Program taught in Powerful, Loving & Safe Community
Are You Interested in Booking Additional Private Services During Homecoming 2.0?
Have You Worked Privately with Lockie Before?
Are You Willing to Work with one of Lockie's Co-Instructors if that is Available & Appropriate for you?
Have You Studied the Emotional Horsemanship Foundation Course?
Have You Studied Homecoming; Intermediate EH Course 1.0 in 2023?
Are You Subscribed to the Video Library?
On a Scale of 1-5 (1 being not comfortable, 5 being very comfortable) how comfortable an confident are you when you must SELF STUDY or practice & learn on your own?
Do You Find Technology & Online Learning Services, Generally Easy?
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