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Pre-Requisites & Terms & Conditions of Entry to Mentorships/Group Coaching Programs for 2024

The Advanced Mentorship is Currently Filled for 2024!

Foundational Mentorship

Currently Filled for 2024! 
Fill out the form below to join the waitlist if a spot opens up!

EH Foundation Online Course: Completed
Homecoming Program:  Completed OR Signed up for Self Study

6 month sign up with a 2 month pause in the middle.  Signing up is a non-refundable commitment.

Private Services are offered (x6 in total per person) and expire monthly.  If you do not book your private service, it is non-redeemable in the subsequent month.  
E.G.  You cannot wait until the last month and book x 6 sessions in the last month. 
As each month passes, your monthly lesson privileges expire. 
To book your Lesson use the Lesson Booking function on the website and use the code: FOUNDATIONS at check out. 

Group Zooms are recorded and will be made available for you to download independently via a private download link

Foundational Mentorship Application
Check the services you have used in the past with Lockie
Thank you for your application!
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