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deeply caring equestrians create emotionally balanced
horses using

Science, Empathy & Feel

Your lifelong bond with horses
starts here with Lockie

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Work with Lockie Online, Available Worldwide

Emotionally balanced horses, and horse people


"Lockie works the same way with humans as he does with horses. The consultation was intentional, focused, and clear."

Enjoy an Emotional Horsemanship Clinic with Lockie, conducted worldwide

Join a community of deeply caring horse people who put their horses first

"Lockie is exceptional... he helped me feel more confident than I have in a long time, he motivated an entire group of people to step up and start doing better for their horses in a completely uplifting and non-judgmental way.  The clinic was by far the best experience I have had with a horse trainer."

Explore the Emotional Horsemanship
Video Library, new content every week

Gain fresh inspiration for your horsemanship every week and explore new exclusive video content teaching you how to enjoy your horses with practical demonstrations, theory tutorials, new techniques, behind the scenes glimpses and much more

(See a sample below)

Learn how to trim your horses hooves, safely.

Give your horsemanship the best feet to stand on

"Lockie has an amazing knowledge of hooves and how you trim them... with his help I was able to bring the hooves of my horse on the right track."

Retreat, to a safe place with horses


Proudly Collaborating with...

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