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EH Associated Professionals

Support & Services with Emotional Horsemanship Associated Professionals

Lockie is just one person.
And Emotional Horsemanship will outgrow his scope to service. 
So, it takes a village. 
We are proud to present the first Associated Professionals, who are here to stand with the Emotional Horsemanship Student Community, to support, teach, coach, clear and guide you towards a better relationship with your emotionally balanced horse. 


Two Associated Professionals Currently Available

Lockie has taken time to find, develop rapport with and check competency of the team members selected to partner as associated Emotional Horsemanship Professionals.  

Integrity of the professionals available is important to us.  We aim to provide high quality specialised services with extremely competent, confident professionals whom you can trust completely.  We believe that less is more, and intend to grow here very slowly, preferring to double, triple check that the services you book, are of full benefit to you and your horse. 

We work as a team.  Meeting regularly to have staff meetings centred on the student body and how we can improve their experience, learning and lives. 
Your horses are our first priority, because we know they are yours too. 

We welcome you to make bookings here through the website for your services.  
Lockie will continue to deliver private services according to availability, please join his wait-lists to be first in line for private services. 

Meet The Team

Learn about and Book Michelle Knapp

Michelle is the first Associate EH Trainer, Instructor & Coach.  Michelle specialises in EH Foundationals, consolidating skill sets, coaching the horse owner for improved confidence, classical dressage, play and having humour in our horsemanship practice. 

Michelle is humble but we are beyond lucky to partner with an equestrian professional of her experience and calibre. 

Michelle is a USDF L judge in dressage, has competed in multiple disciplines as a young trainer, including cattle work and beginner level eventing, and spent a long time in the Parelli institution before forging this path as her own type of equestrian professional.

Michelle is a seasoned clinician, coach, instructor and trainer with decades of experience.  She has a legitimate and busy training and boarding business outside of EH, and that will continue! 


Emotional Horsemanship is a major "Homecoming" for Michelle, whom after a life time of experience and study has found a landing pad she wants to stay on for a while. Lockie is thrilled she chose to partner and serve within this methodology and we are so proud she is joining us in service and support of the student community. 

Michelle is passionate about supporting students within the Emotional Horsemanship Student body who want Coaching or Instruction in a manner and way which complements what and how Lockie teaches, while still being her own authentic self, with her own unique style. 

Michelle allows you to explore and feel empowered with your horse, creating a learning zone where you feel safe for all the aspects of you that appear around your horse.  Despite her background in Performance Horses, Michelle knows that horses only succeed when they know that the human cares about them, and that they are being considered in all that is being done with them. She wants to teach for everyone who has a need to be heard, witnessed, for who they truly are, horse and human, regardless what they are doing.   Michelle says;

"I’m passionate about empowering owners to trust their own intuition and learn how to communicate with their own horses. Rather than attaching to a particular outcome for students, I want to support you where you are needing support, and challenge you to step into your own authenticity. 


I met Lockie in 2023, and was blown away by his depth of knowledge, his integrity, and his compassion for both horses and students. Watching my own horses and students make dramatic shifts through his Mare Foal Bonding technique caused me to want to take a deeper dive into Emotional Horsemanship. 


After participating in the inaugural Homecoming course, I knew. I had to be part of growing this very special community. Now, I’m so honored to be able to bring my nearly three decades of teaching experience to help grow the Emotional Horsemanship community. "

Confidence problems?  Confused?  Struggling to get it together?  Book your lesson or coaching with Michelle to get some support!


Learn About & Book Kristy Foley

Kristy Foley is providing Energetic Balancing for you and your horse through an EH lense. 

Being a pioneer in energetic translation, Kristy has created a balancing system. This system supports the horse and human who are heart centred to navigate this ever changing world with clear and clean energetics.

Kristy's Energetic Translation balancing system begins with aligning  a 13 chakra energetic system. Once these 13 chakras are balanced, she focuses on 5 energetic fields: physical, emotional, mental, digital, and spiritual fields. 

These fields of focus are present in the human, horse, herd and land. These fields of focus give feedback to the energetic navigation system of each being. If an area has a blockage, then disturbances can be present in other fields and can appear in the physical field.

The physical field is where the energy finally shows up after a long process of dysfunction. If we incorporate energetic hygiene in our daily routine, we can allow the human or domesticated horse to become more balanced in our fast paced world.

We do not use the term "Woo-Woo" to describe what Kristy does, because it is disrespectful to the skill, and repeatable success she brings to her specialised abilities.  Know this;  Lockie is a healthy skeptic and has high standards for the type of people he partners with.  Kristy has already been beta testing her services and has proven her skill set over, over and over again. 

Kristy is researched and confident in her Energetic Translation Services, and ensures that all clients who engage in her Energetic Translation services are ready, a good fit, and are in alignment with the work. 

A student of Lockie since his very first clinic tour, she is working on building her Horsemanship just like everyone else!  But as an Energetic Translator, Kristy demonstrates a profound and helpful ability to bring horses and their humans together, to bring peace, validation and clarity to the modern horse owner.

Client Testimonials

"The impact of these sessions has been transformative.  Energy balancing sessions with Kristy feel both simple and profound all at the same time, and their effects continue to ripple out and be felt long after the session has ended.

Words I would use to describe these sessions are - balance, calmness, integration, growth, evolution and expansion.

Kristy is kind, warm, supportive, generous and safe. Her depth of knowledge and skillful application of her work is amazing and inspiring. She is the real deal!!"

"Kristy is extremely evolved in her attunement to nature and energy. Kristy communicates with clear, transparent language and my sessions with her so far have given me a deeper understanding of our horses on a physical and energetic level, provided ways to help support them and to listen, understand and improve my relationship with them.

She inspires me to learn more and delve deeper into all our horses have to teach us."

"Kristy is a bright light in the equestrian community. She guided me and my horse through a beautiful session with kindness and patience. The reaction from my horse, and one herdmate in particular, were profound. Kristy is the real deal! As a professional in the horse world her guidance on how to protect my energetic boundaries has been invaluable. I intend to continue working with her for a long time!"

"Kristy Foley is absolutely wonderful. I deeply appreciate her gentleness and awareness. As you will see, it is no overstatement to describe our first session together as truly astounding. "

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