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Thank you considering to join this new Podcast!

2024 is the year committed to beginning a Podcast.  Emotional Horsemanship is growing and represents a hugely underestimated and under represented community of deeply caring horse people.

Help me give them a voice! 

Blogs on Facebook, Posts on Instagram and Youtube Videos are great.  But it is time to provide a free, high value, collaborative and fun, audio and visual podcast for deeply caring horse people to access.  

The Podcast is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself, promote your business, and have conversations about what is important to you around horses, and life. 

I have invited you because I believe in you, I love your work, and I would love to have an on-the-record conversation together that others can benefit from, learn from and be inspired by. 

The Emotional Horsemanship Podcast is brand new, and I hope to publish the first episodes in April 2024. 

I would like the podcast to be able to go deep and discuss difficult subjects.  But I wish to balance that with humour, levity and light conversations in the style of two friends or colleagues sharing ideas. 

This is NOT A COMPETITION to see who can say the coolest thing, or blow my mind the most! There are podcasts out there that already do that. And I wish to provide a relaxed, conversational atmosphere where your natural self can be presented authentically.  I gently encourage you to not over-prepare, or practise canned and rehearsed responses!  I want the conversation to be spontaneous, to show your natural, incredible self.  Not a rehearsed conversation of "Cool Things They Said". 

Each Podcast will be about 1 hour long.  But if it is naturally longer or shorter, that is ok too!  We can even divide it into two part episodes.

The goal is to release new episodes weekly for 6 months of the year.  If that is easily attainable, to continue as an evergreen podcast.  If not, those 6 month periods will be called Podcast Seasons.  You're invited to join the FIRST SEASON! 

Taking inspiration from old-school radio shows we are going to have humorous, inspiring and thought provoking segments, which will bring structure and predictability to the Podcast format. 

At this time the segments will be the following

Where I invite my guest to muck out with me something from equestrian culture they think should be mucked out. This is an invitation to address a potentially difficult topic with humour and perspective. 

Where I invite my guest to describe how they see the tides of change reforming the equestrian industry, and how they contribute to it. 

Where I invite my guest to describe what is HOME for them in their horsemanship.  What is the training technique, philosophy or approach that they always return to, no matter what journey they go on. 

I would like to sporadically collect questions from followers and community members, and ask them on their behalf on the podcast, for us to discuss and offer our solutions or responses.

And more!  If our conversation doesn't need these segments, they may not happen.  But they are there as helpful prompts to give our conversation structure. 

Book time to record your interview below!

After booking, you will be sent instructions on how the recording appointment will operate.

I record podcasts on Sundays and Tuesdays!
This website system automatically calculates our time zone differences.  

Want to book Lockie to appear on YOUR podcast?  Use the Booking function below

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