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"Live Lessons Online" are seriously good and represent an ideal future of horsemanship as a practical present opportunity for your enjoyment.
  These "Live Lessons Online" are not less valuable than your lessons with an instructor local to you.  Through the power of simple and affordable technology, you can make Lockie local to you at any time. 
These are REAL lessons with your horse. 
Not a review. 

Not a recording. 
Lockie is watching you in real time, and speaking to you in your ear, helping, teaching, guiding and entertaining you with your horse. 

Just like a real lesson!


The future is here. So many of us struggle to find instructors and trainers locally to us that we can trust.  Trying to find a good teacher locally, is not always easy to do.  Many of us live in rural, conservative areas where local trainers may be thin on the ground, or not aware of modern horsemanship practices.  This is a HUGE problem the equestrian education industry has faced for decades. 
 Many horse people go months, years, DECADES without taking lessons because they become so disenchanted with what is available to them locally, or simply cannot find someone they align with in their area. . 
Online lessons has changed all of that.

You can invest in lessons with instructors that YOU WANT TO WORK WITH the most, that you have critically, and discerningly selected to the EXACTLY the instructor you want!
And get real lessons. 

Real support. 

Real tuition. 

From anywhere in the world. 


The same way many clients struggle to get access to instructors they like and prefer in their local area, many horse trainers and equestrian professionals have been FORCED to augment their lesson and education programs in horsemanship, to fit in with their local horse-culture and community expectations. 
Lockie had to do this for many years, squeeze himself to fit in with what folks locally wanted, so that he could make a living.  Meanwhile practicing privately the most authentic and radical version of his real horsemanship that his local client base was not interested in, or ready for.
By migrating services to utilise smart and simple technology to its fullest advantage, Lockie has been able to be completely authentic and honest about the type of horse training he wants to teach and practice.  This is how Emotional Horsemanship was born. 
Instead of fitting a local cultural and political climate, Lockie and indeed all trainers with robust Online Services, can broaden their reach to a world community, and as such, their horsemanship can evolve and improve by doing so. 
By investing in Live Online Lessons in Emotional Horsemanship you are directly supporting Lockie in doing just that.  Upgrading horsemanship with an authentic, modern focus of science, empathy and feel.  Delivering a pure, authentic and uncompromising vision of equestrian services, with the betterment of the horses in mind. 
You are directly contributing to this change with your lesson! 
Join in and be a part of this change!

Most horse people hate technology.  We were forced to use it during the pandemic and now we want to not touch the stuff. But if we reject tech, you also miss out on new opportunities.  And so does your horse.  

So let's look at the tech used on these lessons in detail, and offer some explanations on how it works. 

Zoom is the easiest way to conduct these lessons. 
1. Download the Zoom app to your phone. 
2. Make your lesson booking. 
3. Your booking automatically gives you a zoom meeting room to log into with Lockie. 
4. Have a friend hold your phone for you and track your lesson. 
5. Or, if you intend to work on more stationary behaviours and techniques, pop your phone up on a tripod, or a corner of a stable, or a fence, and Lockie will be able to teach you. 

Pivo Pods are a fabulous bit of technology!  Inexpensive motion sensing tracking devices, with a setting for "HORSE"; meaning the PIVO knows what a horse IS and will automatically follow your horse around
Alternatively, it can follow your body, or your face, or the tracker can be turned off totally, and Lockie can manually control the movement of the PIVO as it holds your phone.
How to use a PIVO POD?
1. Purchase a PIVO POD of Silver or better.  (Google PIVO POD for your local webshop)
2. Download the PIVO+ (PIVO PLUS) app onto your phone
3. Turn on your PIVO and open your PIVO+ app
4.  Tap "SYNC" on your app
5.  Select PIVO MEET, in the app
6. Email your PIVO MEETING to
7.  Lockie logs in at your lesson start time!

When you make your lesson booking, you select the day and time of your lesson.  This website automatically offers you a Zoom Meeting room for your lesson.  You get to choose if you will use Zoom or Pivo.  
Pivo works best, if you close all other App's before opening your Pivo, and if you have a fully updated phone, an updated app, and quality, clear internet or data roaming reception. 

For both Zoom and Pivo options you will need bluetooth earphones that connect to your phone.  Nowadays, options can be purchased for a relatively low cost, that offer excellent sound and allow you to move around most riding arena's with good clear reception. Ensure they are well connected to your phone! 

For our lesson online to run smoothly we need good internet.   A data roaming signal of 4G or better, with an MBPS (Megabites per second) bandwidth of minimum 10MBPS.  The more the better! 
Use this website to check that the connection in your desired lesson location is strong enough.  Lockie has a consistent 4G / 5G connection of minimum 150MBPS and in clear weather, over 200MBPS
You can be confident that unless there is a Blackout, Lockie can deliver high quality, and uninterrupted reception with these services. 

Watch a sample of a Live Online Lesson Below, Conducted on PIVO

This Live Lesson example was chosen because it shows how helpful a lesson can be EVEN when the technology is not perfect, or the weather difficult! 

Marta is a long term client and colleague located in Poland, and here it was supremely cold, and the Pivo tracking froze over, and yet together the lesson proved immensely valuable to Marta and her Anglo-Arab mare Bianca

Imagine how valuable these lessons can be when the technology is perfect and seamless, and the weather pleasant?

Can't find a lesson time you prefer, or don't want to wait so long for your lesson?

Click the button to see urgent booking and last minute reservation options!

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