Modern Hoofcare made simple for horse owners!

No single method or 'Guru' except soundness!

Step by Step learning to trim your own horse

 Supportive, safe, successful and secure

The horse owners hoofcare nightmare

Sound familiar?

"I remember struggling to find quality barefoot hoofcare that didn't lame my horse, or treat my horse less seriously because I chose to not apply metal shoes.."

The last time I hired a professional, they did THIS to my horse. 

They told me it was my horses fault.  "He had blood where there should not be blood."  This was the most highly recommended and expensive hoofcare provider in my local area at that time.

So I decided to learn to trim myself

Why pay money for someone to damage my horse?
If I went slowly and did small bits, surely I can do a better job myself.  Right?
I did! 
Slowly, friends asked me to do their horses.  Then I had phone calls from strangers.  Next thing I know I was run off my feet trimming all over Southern Spain.
Today, I focus on teaching owners how to trim with programs and courses that I WISH existed when I was learning to trim and care for hooves


I needed information!  I found some teachers, but they all ran weird Barefoot 'Cults'. I just wanted sound horses and new skills!

I jumped from teacher to teacher, trying to find a 'method' that worked and a teacher who wasn't... crazy. In the end I stumbled across a neutral barefoot trim that works, has been proven in both wet and dry climates and helped hundreds of horses achieve sounder, healthier hooves. 
I do not adhere to one single method but take an integrated approach that strives to borrow the best concepts from a whole range of hoofcare practices. 

You have a barefoot horse, but have access mostly to Blacksmiths and Farriers for hoofcare...  

Welcome to my coaching programs where our focus is on teaching you how to build a sounder, healthier, stronger barefoot hoof! 

Blacksmiths (Metalworkers) and Farriers put a focus during their hoofcare education in working with metal and hooves.  

Some Farriers are fantastic barefoot specialists. 

Some are not, and perform most of the same techniques on the hoof to prepare it for shoes, but stop just before applying the shoes.  This is not a barefoot trim.  This is not a sound and correct Barefoot hoof. 

There is a big difference between a horse properly developed and conditioned to be sound and viable barefoot, and horse that has no shoes on. 

In reality, the type of trim you do makes a big difference, but it is only 20% of the picture needed to create a sound, healthy and comfortable barefoot horse.

It is time to treat the hoof as a bio-sensory organ with respect!

Welcome to my coaching programs where our focus is on teaching you how to build a sounder, healthier, stronger barefoot hoof! 

Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 20.15.48.png

I began to teach trimming online, because people kept asking me to!

They all lived in remote locations. 

They all needed a hoofcare teacher

They wanted me to help them

So began my Hoof School Online, a 1-1 coaching program and soon after BAREFOOT BASICS a comprehensive online course designed to help horse owners advance and perfect their hoofcare and their horses soundness

Every element of my programs has been developed based on the needs of the clients and the horses that came to me.  This is why it works.  The research and theory is only so good as its practical application, and all my programs are practical to their core.


Trimming is only 20% of the picture

So learning to trim is a GREAT start. 

But we must have the diet, the digestion, pathology, lifestyle, environment and genetics of the horse all taken into careful consideration, in order to allow a horse to succeed barefoot. 

That is why I created BAREFOOT BASICS.  An online course with comprehensive information presented in simple layman's terms of all the elements needed to succeed barefoot with your horse

The main reason that barefoot horses fail, is because people are not aware of all the elements which must be in place for the hoof to succeed. 

No hoof no horse?  An outdated philosophy. 

We now know, NO HORSE NO HOOF  to be the way forward!

The hoof is a bio-sensory organ of specific physiological, biological and environmental needs.  The hoof evolved to exploit a very specific evolutionary niche.  This involved specific environments, specific diet, and specific use/lifestyle. 

The modern horse is biologically identical to its ancient ancestors.  Science has proven, that even the most well bred Thoroughbred, or intensively selected Warmblood, or ultra-specific breed, is still in its DNA biologically the same as its wild ancestors.  We have not 'bred the hoof out' of the horse.  

If specific horses of specific disciplines, locations and equestrian cultures tend to display a lot of problems with their hooves this is not the horses fault but the humans intervention on the horse in a way which is inappropriate for the horse as a species. 

One Example:  racehorses often get a bad rap for having bad feet genetically.  This is fundamentally false.  Hard galloping with long period of box rest on one and two year olds has been proven to be the source of hoof deformations, weakness and pathology in racehorses and former racehorses.

Most horse keeping environments and practises are anathema to hoof health.  


Begin your Hoofcare Journey Today!



Six hours of self-paced study to give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to make a safe and successful start



1-1 coaching where each trim you make is guided by my customised diagrams, to make sure you make no mistakes, and progress your learning safely and slowly


Enjoy my Graduates Group!

My Graduates Group is for Owner Trimmers who have attained SELF SUFFICIENCY in their hoofcare.  This group gives you annual support and ongoing education!

"I tried taking my horses shoes off.  It didn't work.  They were so uncomfortable, so I put the shoes back on"

I don't know all the answers.  But I compiled this short tutorial about WHY your horse is perhaps continually failing without iron peripheral loading devices.  

Check out this slideshow, more than 70 Before & After results from my Hoofcare students all over the world!

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 15.18.56
Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 15.47.05
Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 16.05.59
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Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 22.05.18
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Want to see more?  

Join the Group for free and see over 10,000 photos and the albums documenting my student's progress

Scared to make a mistake?

My program is tailored with trims that occur LITTLE AND OFTEN, starting with only 3 basic techniques. 
New techniques are added to your skill set only when you are ready! 
Are there times when you should call a professional?  Absolutely.  My job is to make sure you know when to do that, but also, what you can do on your own. 

Still unsure? 
Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call and we can see if we are a good fit together

All of my Hoofcare students have been scared to start.  Yet they all gained confidence and ability in their own time. 
I am always happy to hear that someone is afraid to start.  This cautiousness translates into:

- Great attention to detail

- Enormous diligence to get it right, after all, they had to ride that trim


-Hard work and fast learning curves

The result?  My clients tend to get better trims and improved comfort in their horse in the first or second trim, then their local professional was achieving for months, or years. 

Watch me trim!

A PRE stallion.  A history of problematic feet, and caudal hoof failure.  He can struggle to hold his feet up for very long so I have to work very slowly and patiently to keep him comfortable.