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Which Service is Best For Me?

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Services Available Worldwide, to ANY deeply caring horse person

Self Study.   
Start anytime.  
30 day refund policy.
Professional course platform.
Lifetime access.
Structured, progressive education.


Highly accessible.
100+ tutorials available.
NEW videos weekly.
Different tiers available.
Subscriber discount benefits.
Start anytime, stop anytime.
Professional platform.

Mindset Coaching sessions.
Private Calls.
Face to face, on Zoom. 
Privacy of your own home.
Horsemanship Coaching, without your horse.
Gain a clear mind and heart. 
Training plan brainstorming.
Personal Equestrian Coaching. 
Book appointment easily online.
Time zone automatically calculated.

Live Lesson, worldwide.
Technology assisted.
Zoom and PIVO options.
Lockie in your ear. 
Horsemanship Lesson, with your horse, in real time.
Book appointment easily online.
Time zone automatically calculated.

Group learning experience.
International, likeminded community. 
Structured training program. 
Scheduled content and services.
Accountability check-ins.
Lives with Lockie. 

NEW Programs Beginning in 2023

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